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Experience to help guide you through Federal Regulations and Policies:
Pequot Health Care offers health plan management services specifically designed and developed for Native American entities – including gaming, agricultural and other Tribal enterprises – such as coordinating health care services with on-site Tribal health clinics, federal bureaus and state and local agencies. PHC offers Federal Schedule pricing which enables Tribal Nations to maximize Tribal health benefit resources. Additionally, PHC administrates COBRA benefits, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and pharmacy workers’ compensation claims. PHC is a recognized national leader in formulating policies on sovereign issues and the process of Indian Health Services and Contract Health Services as alternate payers.

Understanding the unique medical needs of Tribal members:
Pequot Health Care is aware of the high incidence of certain chronic diseases among the Native American population. Our benefit plans and strategies specifically target these high-risk conditions and provide disease management programs.

Cultural sensitivity:
Cultural sensitivity to the unique aspects of Native American culture is essential in developing an accepted and effective health benefit plan.

Gaming industry experience:
As Plan Manager for Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation’s Foxwoods Resort Casino, the largest casino in the world, providing health care benefits for over 10,000 employees and their dependents, Pequot has unique insight and knowledge as to the specific health benefit plan requirements and success factors of the gaming industry. PHC is particularly aware of and experienced with the need to accommodate rapid startups, escalating employee growth, and the competitive recruitment of key staff to your gaming operation. In the long term, effectively managing your gaming employment-related cost structure, while maintaining an attractive benefits package, is a critical component of your success formula.

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Pequot Pharmaceutical Network
PRxN® provides our Tribal clients and commercial employer groups with Pharmacy Benefits Management, network pharmacy access and our on-site, state-of-the-art and wholly-owned mail-service pharmacy.
Your Medical Information Center Pequot Plus Health Benefit Services
Plus Health Benefit Services™ provides third-party administration (TPA) services to self-funded employer groups for medical, dental, vision and pharmacy services.
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