Christopher Manzi


Chris Manzi has both operational and strategic responsibilities for the financial health and long-term growth of Pequot Health Care. He successfully led the redesign of PHC operations through the pandemic. Chris directs all accounting and financial control functions, guides teams that are assessing health plan performance, benefit offerings and pharmacy and claims operations, along with sales and marketing, while providing financial analysis and management guidance on best practices for health plan management, organizational effectiveness, and cost control. Chris is the lead executive for the health benefit plans covering employees at Foxwoods Resort Casino and tribal family health plan of MPTN. He reports to the CMO and also directly interfaces with the Tribal Council and the casino executives on health plan financials, utilization trends and wellness strategies, business operations and growth of EBITDA.

Chris worked for a variety of Fortune 500 companies such as U.S. Surgical, Blockbuster Entertainment and Viacom in various corporate finance and accounting roles. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business and an MBA from the University of New Haven.


Phone: 860-396-2314

What Our Clients & Partners Say

Solving Problems, Delighting Customers

We’ve been with Pequot Health Care for 11 years. They’ve been with us through plan design changes, network changes, and our own staffing changes. Despite the many changes we’ve experienced, the one constant has been the superior customer service and support provided by Mark and his team. They’ve attended our yearly informational open enrollment meetings, provided us with multiple custom reports as needed, and are always more than willing to explain a process or answer questions either over the phone or in person. They are quick to resolve team member billing issues, and are always a great reference when it comes to questions on our plan documents. I’ve enjoyed the relationship we’ve built with Pequot Health Care over the years, and I look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come.

Sharon FAmerican Ambulance Service, Inc. (Client since 2007)

Pequot Health Care has done a great job managing our health care benefit plan. PHC is very professional, thorough and has been easy to deal with over the years. It is more of a partnership than a vendor client relationship.

Mark ZControl Module, Inc. (Client since 2012)

Our company has been in partnership with Pequot Health Care for over nine years now. It has been a wonderful experience working with Account Managers that prioritize our needs and respond quickly to our questions. In a world where it is sadly becoming the norm to have to follow up with people, with Pequot Health Care, their members get back to you before you have to even give it a second thought. I can always depend on their team to get to the bottom of anything that I have asked of them in a friendly and professional manner. We are very happy with the services that Pequot Health Care provides to us and look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years to come.

Kelly LSafety Marking, Inc. (Client since 2009)

As an HR Manager for 30 years I feel that I am qualified to speak to the integrity, professionalism and customer service provided by Pequot. Pequot has been providing TPA services for our company since 2012. The relationship with Pequot has been ongoing because during that time it became apparent that Pequot was able to be cost effective and instrumental in developing medical plans that allowed us to provide our employees with excellent medical coverage.

Joyce RAlpha Associates, Inc.
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