Who are your PRxN Customer Service Representatives?

Plan members may access our Customer Service Department and Automated Services by dialing our toll-free number at 800-342-5779 and press option 2.
Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm EST and Saturday 9am to 12pm EST, closed Sundays and holidays.
Automated Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a retail pharmacy network?

The PRxN Pharmacy Network includes our wholly-owned and operated Mail-Service Pharmacy located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, as well as access to over 65,000 chain and independent retail pharmacies located across the country.

What is the PRxN Mail-Service Pharmacy?

PRxN Mail-Service operations are dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest pharmaceutical care to your membership. PRxN Mail-Service operations are aided by the latest in both computer and dispensing automation (robotics and bar-coding) technologies to provide mail-service prescription processing for other Tribal Nations and corporate entities located throughout the United States. Remote Distribution (PRxN Mail-Service) is one of the key programs offered by the Pequot Pharmaceutical Network.

Does PRxN utilize automation and technology?

PRxN's continued focus on technology is illustrated by the installation of the Parata Max™ dispensing "robot", equipping PRxN to process more prescriptions with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Parata Max™ fully automates the dispensing of oral pills, tablets, capsules, that are typically about 70 percent of a pharmacy’s prescriptions. Max™ selects and labels a vial, counts the right number of the right medication and strength, caps the vial and sorts the finished prescription by patient name, all in a matter of seconds. By comparison, it typically takes several minutes for an employee to complete the same steps by hand.

Does PRxN offer electronic prescribing (e-Rx)?

Pequot Pharmaceutical Network (PRxN), a leading pharmacy benefit management(PBM) and mail-service pharmacy company, a wholly-owned entity of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, is pleased to announce that PRxN, located in southeastern Connecticut, now has the ability to provide electronic prescribing to its prescribers and health plans. In coordination with SureScripts which operates the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange™, facilitating the secure electronic transmission of prescription information between physicians and pharmacists, PRxN continues our dedication to applying the latest technologies to provide improved safety, convenience and efficiency to our healthcare partners, customers and their membership.

What services are available to ensure that medication use is safe and appropriate?

  • Proactive Clinical Management

    Our pharmacy network (retail pharmacy network and PRxN Mail-Service) is covered by the Proactive Clinical Management Drug Utilization Review (DUR) program. This program automatically screens new prescriptions for safety and appropriateness and alerts any network pharmacist to potential issues.

  • What are Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR)?

    Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR), also referred to as Drug Utilization Evaluations (DUE) or Medication Utilization Evaluations (MUE), are defined as an authorized, structured, ongoing review of healthcare provider prescribing, pharmacist dispensing, and patient use of medication. DURs involve a comprehensive review of patients' prescription and medication data before, during, and after dispensing to ensure appropriate medication decision making and positive patient outcomes.

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