Leah Lozier

Finance Manager

Leah Lozier is the Manager of Finance for Pequot Health Care and has worked for Pequot Health Care for over 14 years. She was originally hired as an accountant for the health plans. She brought her combination of systems and accounting skills to broaden the company’s use of their in-house software. Leah was instrumental in implementing the invoicing module of the Trizetto QicLink software system, building Pequot’s commercial business on it from the ground up in order to integrate and automate the process. In her newest role, Leah provides leadership while continuing to perform financial, operational and technical analyses. She oversees planning, resource allocations, financial planning and development of service level agreements ensuring each moves the company towards its goals and targeted achievements. Leah is required to work with many levels of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe’s organization as well as business partners. She provides strategic thinking, customer service and strong support in relationship management.

Leah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Eastern Connecticut State University. She is actively pursuing her CMA certification and is an avid participant in the Trizetto Software User Group focused on modernization of the billing module.

Email: llozier@prxn.com

Phone: 860-396-6352

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