Social inequities lead to higher death rate in young.

Research found that the mortality rate is higher in places where:

1. People have less years of education

2. People have more economic distress

As Dr. Michael Marmot points out in this Guardian article:

The US is doing worse. It ranks 44th on the probability that a 15-year-old boy will die before his 60th birthday. Mostly, this is not due to healthcare issues.The US spends more on healthcare, per person, than any other country, but has a disastrous level of health for young and middle-aged adults.

. The causes: poisonings from drugs and alcohol – in part, caused by medical care, because of over-prescription of opioids; suicides; and chronic liver disease, which is commonly alcohol-related. This adds to the toll of violent deaths.

Medical care will not address the underlying social angst that gives rise to these causes of death.

How do we ensure social progress for all remains a very divisive issue in the US and elsewhere, especially in current times.

Sovereign nations and societies can improve the health and wellbeing of their people by adopting the 6 key principles laid out in the Fair Society, Healthy Lives Report.

— Give every child the best start in life

— Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives

— Create fair employment and good work for all

— Ensure healthy standard of living for all

— Create and develop healthy and sustain­able places and communities

— Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention




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