Can we do it all?

Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick 3

That’s the question that Randy Zuckerberg posed as an entrepreneur’s dilemma.

As a busy person with a job, pressures, and family, how do you integrate work and life to be productive and healthy?

Whole person wellness is when there is good health, satisfaction, security, a purpose, and fulfilling social connections.

As a steward of health for the people that I serve, this is a central challenge for all of us in leadership. We have a self-funded, generous health benefits with wellness programs, chronic disease management, incentives, value transparency tools, and telehealth.

An onsite data-driven TPA and a pharmacy management program that is top notch improves adherence and outcomes.

This suite of value add services are ideal for small to medium sized businesses to embrace self funding health plan model with the help of Pequot Plus Health Benefit Services.

What will the future design of a holistic employee wellness and health benefits plan look like that is both competitive, effective, and sustainable?

Or is the employer sponsored health benefit not as good as a single payer system?

I can understand why Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana may strongly believe that the current employer sponsored health plans are the best and most market efficient, but it was interesting to see almost 60 Fortune 500 CEOs give it a great endorsement in the 2017 Business Round Table report.

Is it the tax advantage or is it the advantage in talent acquisition and retention that these business leaders think about, besides the obvious desire to improve the health of the employees?

Welcome your expert opinions.


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