Coming Full Circle

As kids we loved to run. As kids we spent time outdoors, walking, jumping, running, and cycling.

Some scientists and authors claim that humans were born to run and that gave us an evolutionary advantage over other species.

But then in our efforts to get more education and a paying job, many of us often sacrifice the natural instinct to walk and run.

Moving away from the hunter- gatherer stage, the agricultural society, and the manufacturing age, as we entered service economy and more recently the knowledge economy, we had less and less time to be outdoors and physically active and we spent more and more time sitting at a desk staring at computers or screens.

Our quest for more success and prosperity took away our natural evolutionary advantage and now we are seeing the rise of non communicable diseases which are largely preventable with lifestyle modifications.

I read a humorous but accurate post.

What is recycling?

1. At first you are poor and can only afford to ride a bicycle to get you around

2. Then you make more money to buy and ride a motorcycle in your youth

3. With more money and back pain due to motorcycle, now you prefer fancy cars to take you everywhere, even around neighborhood.

4. Now with all the money and comforts of luxury, you gain weight and gain a belly along with some health issues

5. So you join a gym

6. Now at the gym, you are back to riding a cycle, just like you did when you were a kid or when you were poor.

That is Recycling!



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