Flu Shots Save Kid's Lives

Did you know that flu shot could save your child’s life?

A new study reported in the journal Pediatrics showed that American kids who died from flu were less likely to have received the protective flu shot.

This was a four year study between 2010 and 14 and and they studied flu shot status for the 291 kids who died of influenza in the US. Among the kids who died with flu, only 26% had received the flu shot before death.

On an average only 48% of all children in the United States get the flu shot every year.

The centers for disease control and prevention CDC recommends the following for the 2017-18 influenza season:

1. Get the flu shot if you do not have contraindications

2. Are you in the high risk group? If yes, then all the more reason to get the flu shot and make sure your contacts are caregivers also received a flu shot. And you are considered high-risk if you have any of the following:

-Children and older adults >50

– people with chronic lung,heart, liver, kidney disease

– diabetes

– pregnant women

– American Indians,

– people are very obese

– health care workers

3. The best time to get the flu shot is before the end of October if possible. And get it later, if you missed out before the end of October.

4. Persons with a history of egg allergy especially severe allergic reaction should not get the regular flu vaccine, but may get the Flublok vaccine.

5. If you are 65 years or older see if you can get the high dose Fluzone or Fluad vaccine.

Influenza, ” the Flu”, can be deadly.

Don’t take it lightly. Vaccines help reduce disease severity and reduce death risk.

Hand washing and proper respiratory etiquette can cut down the spread of the flu virus.

Know the symptoms- fever with cough, body aches, fatigue- think flu besides other possible infections. Ask your doc or provider.



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