That Walk, Run, or Leg Day at Gym Matters For Your Brain

Use it or lose it !

We know that physical inactivity is a risk factor for Alzheimer dementia.

Medical research suggests that exercise and mobility may help prevent Alzheimer Dementia.

Patients with dementia who took up exercise training showed less neuropsychiatric symptoms,  better cognitive function, and a slower worsening in the activities of daily living.

Regenerative medicine is as a new scientific field advancing stem cell therapy for treating brain disorders. Doctors can either transplant exogenous stem cells or amplify endogenous stem cells via neurogenesis.

Lower body weight bearing exercises increase blood flow to the brain and lead to more cells in area called hippocampus.

Scientists decided to study an area of the brain called SVZ [ sub-ventricular zone] because its role in neurogenesis in the adult human might have a major impact on human brain health. It is already known that neuroblasts derived from SVZ migrate through the adult human brain.

According to the authors:

Interestingly, the ability of hind limb unloaded cells to maintain their altered properties for more than 10 passages of culture suggests that an epigenetic modification might be involved.

To improve brain function, and reduce the risk of dementia, keep moving, climbing, squatting, lunging, running, walking.

Just Move.




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