Behavioral Health Services
(referrals and intake line)
Danielle Malo, 860-312-8031
Contract Health Services-now known as Purchased and Referred Care (Additional funding available to assist with medical bills for eligible patients) Charity Robbins, 860-312-8020
Disability Questions 
(Any questions related to MPTN Disability Program or SSD/SSDI/ Social Security. Includes general questions and applications)
Tracy Morton-Morales, 860-396-6764
Medical Appointments
(covid testing included)
Clinic, 860-312-8000
Medical Insurance (Patients without insurance needing to apply for State) Charity Robbins, 860-312-8020
Tracy Morton-Morales, 860-396-6764
Medical Insurance Coverage Questions for United Health plan (Tribe’s insurance plan) (Patient directed to contact customer service number on the back of insurance card)
MPTN Emergency Assistance
(MPTN members only looking for food, oil assistance/ utilities, food pantry, etc.)
Tracy Morton-Morales, 860-396-6764
Patient Registration  Charity Robbins, 860-312-8020
Jennifer Vital, 860-312-8025
(questions about coverage and eligibility)
Charity Robbins, 860-312-8020
Social Services Needs
(Food stamps, cash assistance, utility assistance, child care, housing, etc.)
Tracy Morton-Morales, 860-396-6764
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