This one step moves people the most...

The Native cultures have a rich tradition of storytelling. These oral histories were handed down through generations.

Around the campfire or in a circle gathering, at occasions that were joyous or sad, the stories were told accompanied by song, drumming, spoken word, and dance.

The act of storytelling has tremendous healing power and also has the capacity to engage the audience and transport them to a new world of possibilities.

The storyteller is transformed and the listeners are touched as well. How do we reconnect with our ancient ways of personal storytelling and at the same time adapt with the new technology and the new media to tell our stories to a wider audience.

Our kids have the natural ability to tell stories -sometimes tall stories.

Our challenge is to re-ignite that innocence and courage to tell our stories with a passion, compassion, and mission.

Because if we do not tell our own stories, someone else will certainly re-write our story.

#DoGood #TellAStory #Storytelling


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