Natural Way Of Life


#Native and #Natural way of life is the secret to longevity and wellness. Especially when combined with availability of modern medical science.

Are we suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder?

Imagine how our ancient ancestors lived!

Reality A:

Eating local, whole, perishable foods.

Always in tune with nature- rhythm of the sun, moon, tides, seasons !!

Always moving- walking, gathering, hiking, swimming, running.

They relied on each other to survive- family unit was strong, a sense of tribe and community was stronger. Social network was real, not virtual.

Now imagine Reality B—

if our ancient ancestors also had access to urgent trauma care, life saving surgery, preventive vaccines, antibiotics when really needed.

Currently we are fortunate to have Reality B.

How may we embrace our ancient ancestor’s Reality A and have the best of both worlds?

Embrace #Nature. Embrace #NativeWayofLife.

Embrace #PreventiveScience

Then the question will be—What will we do with our longer, healthier lives? What is our purpose?

Searching for an answer.


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