Today we celebrate #WorldAsthmaDay at Pequot Health Care and at the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Asthma costs the U.S economy more than $80 billion every year in missed school, work days, medical expenses & deaths.

Not all #Asthma patients are the same. Call 1-888-779-6638 if you are on Pequot health plan and would like to learn more about our lung health program.

Now we take detailed history and some testing to define the specific type of asthma. Typing of asthma matters. It can help prevent and treat this disease more effectively. At Pequot Health Care we have clinicians that can help members with asthma or other lung disease measure their lung function with spirometry, check the type of airway inflammation using breath analyzer devices such as NIOX, and ensure that the members can effectively use inhalers by testing their peak inspiratory flow. Our clinicians aim to help the patients use the inhalers well and control their lung disease better. The patient and the health plan avoids the heavy burden of Emergency Department visit or hospitalization due to uncontrolled asthma. A true win-win.

At Pequot Health Care, we try to define:

  1. Phenotype: based on clinical features

  2. Genotype: based on genetic tests

  3. Endotype: based on underlying biological basis

  4. Sociotype: based on socio-economic factors .

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